Search for Eight

Hey there, I am Vikas and I am looking for eight brilliant folks who have:

An awesome iOS app idea
No time/expertise to
build it themselves
I am on my way to build beautiful iOS apps and I need 'your' help in this pursuit
This summer I'll be learning these and much more!

Objective C

Objective-C is the language used by developers to create beautiful iOS apps

Product Design

It is a process of brining an idea to life. From concept to a finished product

Cocos 2D

Tool for building games, apps and other graphic interface interactive apps

User Testing

Technique to evaluate a product by testing it on users before the 'big' launch

MakeGamesWithUs Summer Academy
I've been accepted at MGWU (YC W12) Summer Academy and I am running a Crowdtilt campaign to play for tuition.
I need eight people who can contribute $1,000 towards my campaign and in return I'll make an iOS app for them. Simple!

You suggest
an idea

You share an idea for iOS app that you want to bring to life. Provide as many details as possible


I choose eight best ideas based on expected time commitment, complexity and interest


You contribute towards my campaign and I attend the program to learn awesome skills

our brains

I graduate and we meet again! We brainstorm features and start working on your idea
(max. 4 weeks)

the product

Finally, we are there! It's time to show the world your idea that's going to change the world!

I've build some pretty amazing projects in the past and I'm the guy who ships!
In University, we built a single-seat racing car to compete against some of the best universities in the world like Imperial College London and University of Cambridge at Formula Student, England

In our first year, we won the
Toyota Best Endeavour Award
and were the best indian team at the event for four consecutive years.

(To learn more, see my LinkedIn Page)
Let's talk!
I am available at:

(+91) 9535035689

lalwani.vikas20 (gmail)

Bangalore, India